Click once in the center of the image & drag with your mouse to walk or fly around using the viewer's navigation controls.
-Hold SHIFT to move faster.
-You can fly freely in the animation using the arrow keys in "Movement Mode".

You can also rotate the object in place by Clicking on the "Change Controls" lever to the right of the "Seek Button" or click on the image and press Shift and the "~" (tilde) character to switch between "Movement" (Walk / Fly around the corvete body) or "Examine" controls (Rotate the corvette body in place). Once in "Examine Mode" Click and hold(drag) the mouse cursor to rotate the corvette body in place. Repeat to change the viewing angle.
-You can rotate freely in the animation using the arrow keys in "Examine Mode".
If you see a white square instead of the Corvette Body, or the animation fails to start, please check your computer against the compatibility recommendations below. Please make sure you have installed the Cosmo 3D Viewer.

If you have the Cosmo 3d Viewer installed in your computer and it is not working try Refreshing or Reloading the page and wait until the VR completely downloads the scene before trying to navigate the world. Also on some images there will be a slight wait due to the size of the file, always wait for the navigation cursor (not your mouse cursor) when you roll the mouse over the image before navigating the world or it may seem like the vr is not working. It is actually just doing some math calculations before showing the navigation cursor.


 Browser Required:
  - Internet Explorer 4.0+ , or
Netscape Navigator 4.0+

 Plugin Required:
- Cosmo 3D Viewer - Free Downloads
WIN 3.1
MAC (beta)
Note: After downloading the plugin installation file you must run
the program file from the directory where it was downloaded
to in order to start the install sequence (double click on the file to run it)

 Operating System:
  -Windows 95,98, NT, 2000

  Recommended Files:
  - Microsoft DirectX 9

This upgrades your system to DirectX , providing improved force feedback performance and the best compatibility with today's input devices. DirectX offers excellent graphics, faster frame rates, and more immersive audio when running and displaying programs rich in multimedia elements such as full-color graphics, video, 3-D animation, and surround sound.

 Recommended Hardware:
  -Pentium III 500 MHz machine or better
  -16 mb. PCI Video or better
  -128 mb. RAM or better